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    do not be upset friends!!!

    look at these well-organized cats instead

    i figured out what heaven looks like

    Cats Organized Neatly

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////▲ (by ah! guh-ness.)


    ////▲ (by ah! guh-ness.)

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    And people say video games are unrealistic. If I could do this then I would dress up as a superhero. 

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    This is my letter to angry fanboys.

    First, let it be known that I love most fanboys. When I go to a con, most of the guys there are respectful. They share a passion with me, and that’s awesome. We’re all on a rock floating through space with little connection to most of the people who surround…

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    The seniors decided to turn our school into Hogwarts for their senior prank. 

    The result was kind of awesome.



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    A new video in which I discuss traditional marriage, religion, intersexuality, the idea of marriage as a covenant, and the legal rights of gay people to marry.

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    Holla, everyone!

    A few weeks ago I asked you guys how you cope with your anxiety, and got some lovely suggestions that I would like to share with you! If you have another method that you find helpful and that isn’t listed below- reblog and add yours so that more people can…